Skid Steer Loaders

Brand: TCM JAPAN (since 1949 )
Origin: Made in Japan

Product features:

  • Skid steer loaders used for snow removing, civil engineering, agriculturing and etc.
  • Load capacity range : From 270kg to 840kg
  • Power source : Diesel engine (D782-K2B/V1505/V2403-M/V3300 by Kubota)
  • The engines clearing the emission levels required in Japan 3rd Stage regulations, delivering more power with less emission.
  • Has high market share in Japan.
  • Various attachments are available for diverse applications: Utility forks, pallet forks, fork grapple, bucket grapple, wing bucket, light bucket, toothed dirt bucket and digging forks.
  • The major truck specifications are shown as follows:

The major truck specifications:

ModelEngine typeEngine modelLoad capacity (Operating capacity)Overall length (Bucket on ground)Overall width (loader body)Overall width (Standard bucket)Overall height at CAB
SSL 703DieselKubota D782-K2B270kg2515mm895mm900mm1770mm
SSL 704DieselKubota D782-K2B320kg2515mm1040mm1050mm1770mm
SSL 705DieselKubota V1505430kg2830mm1180mm1230mm1830mm
SSL 706DieselKubota V1505500kg2830mm1270mm1420mm1830mm
SSL 707DieselKubota V2403-M580kg3090mm1535mm1540mm1940mm
SSL 709DieselKubota V2403-M690kg3090mm1535mm1670mm1940mm
SSL 709VDieselKubota V3300690kg3160mm1535mm1670mm1940mm
SSL 711DieselKubota V3300840kg3330mm1680mm1750mm1995mm

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Skid Steer Loaders SSL
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