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TCM FORKLIFT (Toyo Carriers Manufacturing) was established in 1949 and is proud to be the first forklift manufacturer in Japan. With a history of 72 years of establishment and development, TCM now has production plants located in Japan, China, Europe and Thailand. We are always committed to producing Japanese quality TCM forklifts with the most professionalism and reliability, along with a worldwide distribution and service system. Therefore, TCM forklift brand is always in the top of the best-selling forklift brands in Japan and worldwide.


1949- The foundation of Toyo Carriers Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the root of TCM brand, followed by the production of the first forklift made in Japan.

1950- The export of forklift trucks to the overseas markets begins. The first export truck was shipped to Taiwan.

1954- The company name changed to Toyo Umpanki Co., Ltd.

1970- Shiga Plant was founded and the manufacturing operation begins in the October.

1983- Received a big order of 1,000 units of forklift trucks from the Pentagon, USA.

1994- Anhui TCM Forklift Co., Ltd. (now called UniCarriers China Corporation) is established.

1999- Company name changed to TCM Corporation.

2001- TCM Asia Distribution Co., Ltd. (now called UniCarriers Asia Co., Ltd.) in Thailand is established as a regional sales office in Southeast Asia.

2007- The new drive unit factory is established at Shiga Plant.

2010- The first forklift truck in 1949 was certified as “Mechanical Engineering Heritage” by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

2011- TCM Forklift (M) Sdn. Bhd. (now called UniCarriers Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.), a joint venture of forklift sales & service in Malaysia, is established.

2012- TCM Corporation joins UniCarriers group in August 2012.

2014- The sales of SMART Machine Series begins.

2017- The operation of Mitsubishi Logisnext starts. Mitsubishi Logisnext becomes the provider of TCM products.



SANYO is a distributor of the Japanese TCM forklift brand, established in 1974 and headquartered in Tokyo. Over 46 years of establishment and development, we are always proud to be a distributor whose sales and service quality are among the top of the TCM forklift brand in the Japanese market.

Starting in Vietnam market since 1997, SANYO is the exclusive distributor of TCM forklift brand in Vietnam. So we can offer you Japanese quality products at the most competitive prices. More importantly, with the goal of bringing stable operation to your production process. We build ourselves a system of high quality personnel and services such as:

– Sales Engineer team knowledgeable in the forklift industry to help advise and choose the product that best suits your needs and budget.

– A team of experienced technical staff, quick response to help the maintenance or troubleshooting process take place as quickly as possible to limit production interruptions.

– Warehouse system of genuine spare parts in Vietnam to help timely supply when needed.

– After-sales service includes: 1-year or 2000-hour standard warranty, 2-year free maintenance with 9 times according to the vehicle’s operating time, training on safe and effective forklift operation.


Looking forward to cooperating with you.



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