TCM Forklift Vietnam - Xe nâng TCM

INOMA (1-3.5 Ton)

Brand: TCM JAPAN (since 1949 )
Origin: Made in Japan

Product features:

  • Engine-powered counterbalance forklifts
  • Load capacity range : From 1.5 ton to 3.5 ton (Load center : 500mm)
  • Power sources : The model line-up consists of diesel engine models and gasoline models.
  • Diesel engine models : D1503 engine (Kubota), C240 engine (Isuzu), V2403 engine (Kubota) and QD32 engine (GCT)
  • Gasoline engine models : GK15/GK21/GK25 engines (GCT)

The major truck specifications:

Model Load capacity Load center Max. fork height Overall width Overall length Overall height Turning radius
1.5 ton model 1500kg 500mm 3000mm 1070mm 2245mm 2070mm 1980mm
1.75 ton model 1750kg 500mm 3000mm 1100mm 2275mm 2070mm 2010mm
2.0 ton model 2000kg 500mm 3000mm 1150mm 2485mm 2070mm 2170mm
2.5 ton model 2500kg 500mm 3000mm 1150mm 2555mm 2070mm 2240mm
3.0 ton model 3000kg 500mm 3000mm 1225mm 2705mm 2090mm 2400mm
3.5 ton model 3500kg 500mm 3000mm 1290mm 2800mm 2140mm 2470mm

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iNOMA 1.5 3.5t



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