Pallet Stackers

Brand: TCM JAPAN (since 1949 )
Origin: Made in China

Product features:

  • Versatile stackers for medium height stacking applications, short/medium/long distance travel, internal transfer and order picking.
  • Power source : Electric-powered motor
  • The following stackers for wide varies of applications are available.

The major truck specifications:

ModelTypeLoad capacityMax. lift heightTruck width
SROStand-in stacker2000kg6750mm940mm
SSOSit-on stacker2000kg6750mm1010mm
SPCompact pedestrian stacker1250kg4190mm800mm
SPHCompact pedestrian stacker1600kg / 2000kg5400mm895mm
SPLCompact pedestrian stacker1250mm2090mm660mm
SRSPedestrian stacker1250kg / 1600kg4190mm / 5400mm770mm
SRDCompact pedestrian stacker for double-pallet handling2000kg2090mm770mm
SRT/SSTTelereach stacker1000kg5700mm / 6300mm940mm / 1010mm

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PALLET STACKER STW12T B 14T B 18T B Straddle Stacker STW12T STW15T Pedestrian Stacker