TCM Forklift Vietnam - Xe nâng TCM

FRB-9 (Stand-up, 1.0-3.0 Ton)

Brand: TCM JAPAN (since 1949 )
Origin: Made in Japan

Product features:

  • Pedal with a presence switch
  • Soft Landing System
  • Rigid monocoque frame for greater durability
  • Operator friendly steering wheel and levers
  • Antiroll back system
  • Easy to read display
  • Auto power-off system
  • Eco Switch with P (powerful), N (Normal), C (Customize) and Eco Mode. In Eco Mode, daily electricity consumption is cut by 15% by controlling maximum performance such as traveling speed and lift speed.
  • Operation Customizing System
  • Central Management System for hydraulic system and traveling system
  • Improved Vehicle Stability
  • Anti-slipping control

The major truck specifications:

Model Chassis Load capacity Load center Max. fork height Overall width Overall length (without forks) Overall height Turning radius Battery max. capacity (5hr)
(J-)FRB10-9LC Narrow type 1000kg 500mm 3000mm 990mm 1035mm 1995mm 1350mm 24V/390Ah
(J-)FRB12-9LC Narrow type 1200kg 500mm 3000mm 990mm 1035mm 1995mm 1455mm 24V/390Ah
(J-)FRB12-9L Standard type 1200kg 500mm 3000mm 1090mm 1070mm 1995mm 1455mm 48V/201Ah
(J-)FRHB12-9L Standard (High mast) 1200kg 500mm 4000mm 1090mm 1070mm 2495mm 1510mm 48V/201Ah
(J-)FRB15-9L Standard type 1500kg 500mm 3000mm 1090mm 1160mm 1995mm 1580mm 48V/280Ah
(J-)FRB18-9L Standard type 1800kg 500mm 3000mm 1090mm 1165mm 1995mm 1760mm 48V/280Ah
(J-)FRHB15-9L Standard (High mast) 1500kg 500mm 4000mm 1090mm 1160mm 2495mm 1760mm 48V/280Ah
(J-)FRHB18-9L Standard (High mast) 1800kg 500mm 4000mm 1090mm 1255mm 2495mm 1810mm 48V/280Ah
(J-)FRB20-9L Standard type 2000kg 500mm 3000mm 1190mm 1285mm 2050mm 1785mm 48V/320Ah
(J-)FRB25-9L Standard type 2500kg 500mm 3000mm 1190mm 1285mm 2050mm 1955mm 48V/320Ah
J-FRB30-9L Standard type 3000kg 500mm 3000mm 1230mm 1390mm 2050mm 2050mm 48V/370Ah
(J-)FRHB20-9L Standard (High mast) 2000kg 500mm 4000mm 1190mm 1285mm 2550mm 1955mm 48V/320Ah
(J-)FRHB25-9L Standard (High mast) 2500kg 500mm 4000mm 1190mm 1325mm 2550mm 2020mm 48V/320Ah
J-FRHB30-9L Standard (High mast) 3000kg 500mm 4000mm 1230mm 1490mm 2550mm 2250mm 48V/370Ah

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FRB 9 Stand up 1.0 3.0 ton

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