Three-way Reach Trucks (3D) 1-2 ton

Three-way Reach Trucks (3D) 1 ton-1.2 ton-1.5 ton.

Brand: NICHIYU Japan

A comprehensive solution in terms of height, width and space. With the Nichiyu RFTL model VNA – Very Narrow Aisle 3-way pallet truck your cargo space will expand to an astounding extent.

The lifting frame and fork system can rotate according to the operator’s control to help pick up goods from 3 sides (front, left, right). Therefore, the VNA Reach Truck Nichiyu 3-3-way forklift can work well in tight warehouse racking areas with aisles only by the Driving shelf.

The design of the forklift according to high-class standards helps to create maximum comfort and absolute safety for the operator. The safety system on the lift frame and on the vehicle helps to ensure the safety of the goods. With the Nichiyu 3-side pallet truck, loading and unloading your goods in tight spaces will happen as quickly and safely as outside the warehouse.

Three-side electric forklift specifications:
ModelSức nângKiểu xeChiều cao nâng
RFTL10-751,000kgVery Narrow Aisle6,500mm
RFTL12-751,200kgVery Narrow Aisle6,500mm
RFTL15-751,500kgVery Narrow Aisle6,500mm
RFTLA10-751,000kgVery Narrow Aisle7,500mm
RFTLA12-751,200kgVery Narrow Aisle7,500mm
RFTLA15-751,500kgVery Narrow Aisle7,500mm
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