FB-IX ( 4 wheel, 1-3.5 Ton )

Brand: TCM JAPAN (since 1949 )
Origin: Made in Thailand

Product features:

  • Counterbalanced electric three wheel forklifts (Pneumatic tire model)
  • Load capacity range : Fron 1.5 to 3.5 ton (Load center : 500mm)
  • Power source : Electric-power
  • IPX4 – Preventing water entry
  • Strong frame for superior endurance
  • ECO (Energy saving) mode
  • Regenerative brake
  • Auto power off
  • Operation mode selection & customized mode
  • Smooth running system (Option)
  • Easy battery exchange system (Option)
  • The main truck specifications are shown as follows:

The major truck specifications:

Model Load Capacity Load Center Length (Without Forks) Width Overhead Guard Height Turning Radius
FB10-9 1000kg 500mm 2080mm 1110mm 2110mm 1850mm
FB15-9 1500kg 500mm 2080mm 1110mm 2110mm 1850mm
FB18-9 1750kg 500mm 2120mm 1115mm 2110mm 1880mm
FB20-9 2000kg 500mm 2305mm 1155mm 2110mm 2030mm
FB25-9 2500kg 500mm 2345mm 1155mm 2110mm 2080mm
FB20-9LB (Long Wheelbase) 2000kg 500mm 2465mm 1155mm 2110mm 2215mm
FB25-9LB (Long Wheelbase) 2500kg 500mm 2465mm 1155mm 2110mm 2215mm
FB30-9 3000kg 500mm 2505mm 1255mm 2200mm 2260mm
FB35-9S 3500kg 500mm 2600mm 1255mm 2200mm 2330mm

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